Lix Community

it's not an ice cream party, but it might as well be

Lix exists first and foremost for its community – and we very much hope that will include you! If you’re looking for help, have any questions, want to pitch in – or just want to talk – join us using one of the venues below .

Community Standards

As part of our responsibility to community, we are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment in which our community can create great things together.

Accordingly, we’ve developed a set of community standards, which all contributors are expected to follow.


Lix is developed by a community of passionate users! We have no “benevolent dictator for life”, nor a small foundation board that governs the community. Instead, we rely on teams of our developers and users to carry the burdens of maintenance and governance.

We’re currently in the process of establishing a more full-fledged governance model, which we believe must be built on engagement with – and feedback from – our community. In the interim, decisions are made by simple voting, with one vote held by each member of the “core team”, who are acting as interim governance.

Engaging with the Community

The best way to engage with the community currently is to join our Matrix space – a decentralized chat platform commonly used among open-source projects.

Lix Matrix

Joining is relatively straightforward – you can find us on the Matrix server. The easiest way to connect with us is to join our Matrix space, which will allow you to see previews of and join the most relevant community rooms.

Note that all community venues – including our Matrix rooms – are subject to our community standards.

Community Resources

In order to help folks who are getting started or who want to learn more about Lix, we’ve created a curated list of community resources that you may find helpful. If you have suggestions, feel free to drop them in our Matrix chat!